Moltin API Client credential token

moltin - Client credential token

An access token will allow you to make requests for your store. We support two types of token: `client_credentials` and `implicit`. An `implcit` token is typically used for situations where you are requesting data on the client side and you are exposing your public key - such as JavaScript - and adding your client secret would be disastrous. You will only be able to perform a limited number of operations on the API endpoints. A `client_credentials` token is used when the credentials are not publicly exposed, usually a server side language such as PHP. You will be able to perform all operations on API endpoints. A `refresh_token` type can be used when you have an existing token which you would like to extend the life of. When your `grant_type` is `refresh_token` you must also provide the original token in the `refresh_token` field.

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The comprehensive eCommerce API infrastructure for any platform. Moltin handles data storage and eCommerce logic in the cloud so that you can focus on creating great customer experiences.


Curl command through

curl -v -h "header{header_value}" -h "header{header_value}""{streamdata_token}"

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